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bones: (bones - diner food)

What exactly am I supposed to be squinting at?

It’s like pornography; you'll know it when you see it.

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Name:I ruin the true truth with facts?
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Community description:Where all of us at dreamwidth can come and squee about our love for Bones!
Welcome to [community profile] bones! A brand new community for all of your Bones needs!

One. Try to be polite and logical. Wank will not be tolerated.

Two. Keep a two week delay on all spoilers for recently aired episodes and for all unaired episodes! This includes both text and images. Keep them behind a cut with some sort of warning text. Be polite about movie spoilers as well! Try not to reveal any big plot points out of a cut or in a subject line.

Three. When posting icons, please only post three (or less) as a preview. When posting wallpapers or other fanart, please keep the preview image under 400x400 pixels.

Thanks [community profile] thefulcrum for the base layout coding!
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