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Hey Everyone!

I find it funny that the last post is The Critic in the Cabernet, I think it ties well with what will be happening during the next season of Bones. But I wish people were posting more!

So who is excited (or apprehensive) about the upcoming season? I have to say, I was disappointed with a lot of season six - it was not exactly a season where I attentively got every episode bought and downloaded. This season is going to be a short season, but I feel like if they actually in spite of everything get a good season together that it might just sit all right with me.

And I mean, I'm excited for a pick-up of what the last season ended with regardless... It had many (and me) pretty apprehensive, and while I'm still not sure what they did was smart, I've also just been more excited at this point to get a taste of what is going on!
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I stopped watching early in season six, because it wasn't the show I loved anymore. Has it gotten better?
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Re: Spoilers Ahead

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Thanks for the spoiler warning, and also for the information!

A big part of the reason I stopped watching is that Bones wasn't the smart, capable person she had been at the beginning. Sure, she was always a little bewildered by human motivations, but the person she was at the beginning of the show wouldn't have thought the show about those people in Jersey was a documentary. Did that change at all?